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Items of Children Clothing You Should Invest In

Items of Children Clothing You Should Invest In


When it comes to our children, many of us are not ashamed to admit that they are better dressed than us. Parents are more than happy to invest in clothing for their little ones but because children grow so quickly, often they only get a few wears of an item before it needs to be handed down or donated. Quality children’s clothing isn’t a cheap investment and often can leave us feeling out of pocket.

Because we want the best for our children, knowing what to spend a little more on is important, as it will last much longer. Whether you have a newborn or a 10-year-old, the same principle applies – they will likely grow out of it sooner than you hoped, but there are some items of clothing you should invest in for the long-term.



For babies and toddlers, bodysuits are a must-have. They can be worn as a complete outfit on warm days or used to layer up during the cold winter months. If you have a newborn, then you probably have piles of them in varying sizes, colours, patterns and designs but they will come in use as you keep up with your growing baby. It’s nice to choose a variety of designs and colours and ones which have different fastenings, such as an envelope-style neck.


Beanie Hats

There’s a reason why a hat is often put on top of a newborn’s head before a nappy or blanket. Children and babies get cold very easily and babies especially struggle to regulate their body temperature, meaning it can fluctuate rapidly during the course of the day. A beanie is a great thing to have on hand should you go into a chilly store or restaurant and are perfect for keeping children cosy and warm, no matter the weather outside.



Children sleep a lot and keeping them cosy and warm during the night or for nap times means you lessen the chance of them having a night of disturbed or disruptive sleep. When it comes to pyjamas, it’s easy to assume that you shouldn’t spend much money on them, after all, your children will only wear them for a few hours a night, but you should invest in good quality pyjamas. Soft material, such as cotton, are important to have when it comes to pyjamas as they are less likely to upset your children’s skin and will keep them comfortable both in summer and winter.


Occasion Wear

How often have you been invited to an event, only to worry about what your children will wear? The seasons have an effect on the style and design of childrenswear available at that time, for example, in the summer you’ll likely see short-sleeved shirts and bowties, whereas in winter you’ll find dark colours. You won’t always want to dress them in the style of the season as it may not be appropriate so you should invest in good quality and sized children’s  wear … Read More..

4 Ideas for Furnishing Your New Home

4 Ideas for Furnishing Your New Home


Lighting can be altered to fit any atmosphere mood or occasion, different rooms would require different amounts of light for example, bright kitchens and bathrooms for sanitary reasons and so it looks clean.

On the other hand, I would recommend, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms to have dimmer switches, therefore you can alter the lighting depending on the atmosphere. The light would be dimmer in the evening to replicate a cosy and intimate mood and the dining room would be bright for lunch and breakfast hours.

But you can also add some colour to rooms with luxury bar stools, sofas and other accessories, natural light can come from all kinds of places!


You need to choose your wallpaper carefully to match your house. This all depends on the atmosphere you are trying to portray, for bedrooms or dining rooms a dark opulence can look nice with dark wood and a golden light, it can make you feel relaxed, intimate and romantic.

If your afraid of it looking too dark then you could pick a light metallic wallpaper or patterned wallpaper as a feature wall with a light main colour and if you use a particular room such as your kitchen for day to day activities then bright walls and maybe a feature wall often looks nice. Try not to play it safe with all white, it can often look clinical, keep it colourful.

Also think practicality especially with children wipeable wallpaper or the use of tiles is super efficient but also effective.


Curtains and Runners

Colourful curtains and patterned runners can really help revamp a plain room, if you want to keep the room minimalistic and whenever you fancy a change it’s cheap and easy to change the curtains and runners. Much cheaper than re-decorating the whole room.


Oversized Art

Oversized art can come in all shapes and sizes, all of which are very different and can be suited to match designer furniture. I would aim to put the art at eye-level so people can see it when they are sitting.

Oversized art can be found everywhere including charity shops, therefore it doesn’t have to cost you lots of money to be effective, it can really add character to a room.


Personal touches.

To finish off furnishing your home, as well as using some original furniture, add pictures of family or friends around the rooms so it seems more like a home than a showroom. Don’t just copy pictures off the internet, see if you can add some of your own personal touches and what you like to make it seem more cosy and realistic.… Read More..

Creative Ways To Pull Off Bohemian Decor

Creative Ways To Pull Off Bohemian Decor

Achieving the bohemian chic vibe in your home’s interior design may seem difficult, but it can be simple once you know what to include. Bright, boho decor exudes creativity and personality, adding a completely new element to your home. If you redecorate your home with a bohemian twist, it’ll feel like a completely new place. So, are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and try something different? Here are some creative ways to pull off bohemian decor in your home:

Rich Purple

Unleash your free-spirited vibes with rich purple colours and contrasting greens. Velvet is the perfect base when it comes to bohemian style, as you can then begin to layer textures and bold patterns on top of it. Use rich purple in your decor via your core furniture, like a luxurious velvet sofa. You can then use lime green and white to balance out the colours. Additional layers of patterns will add contrast, like a rug for example.

Bohemian Chic

If you’re not into bold colours, then you can begin creating a cool, bohemian chic vibe in your home by going all natural. Include exposed brick walls and dark mahogany furniture and add pattered upholstery and accents to lift the space. And if you’re trying to achieve the bohemian chic vibe throughout your home, you can’t forget your conservatory. When it comes to bohemian style home decor, it’s all about the soft furnishings. Cushions and throws placed upon your 6 seater rattan garden furniture can complete the look, bringing the whole room together.

Artisan Animal Prints

One of the best ways to embrace the boho look is to include animal prints in your home décor. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go over-the-top with a zebra print sofa and a tiger striped rug, but it does mean you need to have fun with it! Try teaming a vintage chair with a goatskin rug underfoot for a relaxed reading space. Alternatively, drape a leopard print throw over a crisp, white sofa for a stand-out look.

Colourful Country Bohemian

Keep it country with a colourful countryside feel in your home. Classic wooden furniture should form the base of this interior design trend. You can then build upon this with colourful boho-patterned seat covers and throws. Hang a vintage pendant light from the ceiling to help set the tone of your bohemian country-style room. If you’re brining the look into your kitchen, then tinted cement tile flooring is the perfect addition.

Floral Bohemian Paradise

Keeping in with the natural trend, you can make your home a floral paradise with just a few adjustments. First thing’s first, bring the outdoors in by matching your garden corner sofa with your indoor furniture. And always have fresh flowers on the table or in the hallway to welcome your guests, not only does this cheer up the place, but it will introduce the floral theme into your living room. Wall art will help to bring the room to life, especially if you … Read More..

Best Tips for Buying Luxury Products Online

Best Tips for Buying Luxury Products Online


If you know anything about buying on the internet, you probably know that the potential for fakes and fraud is quite high. Which is why, when buying secondhand luxury products, you are more than likely going to be overly cautious before making the purchase. Even if you’ve never been burnt before, you might know someone who has. So, knowing how to protect yourself in these scenarios is incredibly important.


With that in mind, here are some much-needed tips to help you ensure the authenticity of your luxury products when buying online.


Know the Providence

First things first, you need to know where your luxury item is coming from. As far as you can, have a look at the user profile and location. Try to see if you can spot any discrepancies or holes in their story. Sometimes you’ll have the chance to pick up the item yourself, which can actually be a blessing in disguise. As there’s no better way to know where your item is from than going there yourself.


Look for Quality Photos

A photo is worth a thousand words. And also a lot of money if it helps you to spot a fake product. The more high-quality photos that a product ad has, the better. Getting that many images can be difficult unless they’ve taken them from a similar ad. Good angles and the like can be a sign that the product is genuine. If you’re still worried, simply reverse image search the images in Google to ensure that ad is the only place they have appeared. Simply get the image URL and type it into Google. If it has appeared anywhere else on the web, you’ll know!


High Seller Ratings

Often, you can’t tell if someone has morals based on their username. That’s not how the internet works. Though it would be nice if usernames came in varieties like “fraudster3000” to warn you off; maybe one day. But, one tell-tale sign that’s almost as good as obvious names is that of the seller rating. As if the seller has low ratings or bad comments, then you can expect the likelihood of your luxury product or designer bar stools–as an example of contemporary furniture which you may be buying–being real to actually be very low.


Research the Item

Spotting a fake luxury item can be a difficult task. Especially if you’re not well versed in the intricacies of the item, you just want to casually own it. But, even so, it would be well worth researching the item to at least be able to identify any obvious fakes. Even if you only know the basics by the end of your research, it’s better than knowing nothing at all.


Look for Authenticity Stamps

This is common on eBay and you can be assured that the goods are 100% real in this case. As eBay is the most common place you will be buying luxury goods, you could simply look for … Read More..

6 Gift Ideas That Will Last Her a Lifetime

6 Gift Ideas That Will Last Her a Lifetime

Looking for the perfect gift for your partner can be tough at times, especially if you want to surprise them. A gift they haven’t hinted or asked for always makes for a better present, as it shows much more thought has gone into getting them something unexpected, it’s just finding something good that is the hard bit. Here’s a look at five gift ideas that will not only put a smile on her face, but they’ll also be able to keep it for a lifetime.

Framed Picture with a Twist

A simple idea you can put a thoughtful twist on. Framing a picture you know your partner loves is always going to be appreciated, and adding a new twist to the idea is the cherry on top. There is a complete range of artists that can change your favourite picture into a hand-drawn piece of art. The creativity that comes with something hand drew makes the gift cherished as it adds value onto an image that could be easily stored on a phone or computer, have a look into it she’ll love the end result.


Vintage Tea Set

Assuming your partner is a fan of hot drinks, buying them a vintage tea set is a gift that can enjoy for many years. It can serve a purpose daily, and it’s a gift they likely won’t be expecting. A tea set works as a perfect gift for a variety of occasions, and the handcrafted designs show a noticeable sign of luxurious creativity.


Film Camera


Continue with the vintage trend, it’s safe to say everyone loves taking pictures, and the ease there is to do so. If you’ve got a holiday coming up or your partner is the outdoors and adventurous type, a retro camera is a perfect gift to make her picture taking into a passionate hobby. You could opt in and buy a digital camera instead, but a film camera has a better photographer feeling to it and makes for a more thoughtful gift. Plus, film cameras and brands such as Leica are renowned for being robust and lasting decades, worth thinking about if you do want a gift that lasts a lifetime.


Vinyl Player

A lot of people may not know this, but vinyl’s are still manufactured and buying your loved one a luxury vinyl player will really encourage her love for music to spark. A vinyl player works as both a music box and a piece of vintage decor for a living space, vinyl’s are also arguably the best way to listen to music, and giving your partner the chance to experience this is a perfect gives she’ll remember. It’s unique, thoughtful (depending on her taste in music) and record players are one of the only forms of older audio technology to make it through the different ages.


A Designer Belt

Ladies designer belts don’t have to be a risky fashion gift, a stylish belt can be a simple premium design. As … Read More..