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Style Advice for Blue Collar Workers

Style Advice for Blue Collar Workers

The term blue collar found its origins in the blue shirts worn by the working class.  Unlike the white classy shirts worn by ‘gentlemen’ of the era, the indigo blue shirts were designed to cover up any imperfections and stains gained throughout the working day.  Nowadays, workers are able to choose the way they dress, unless they need to wear a uniform.  The clothes you wear give you the opportunity to not only impress those you work with, but to let your personality shine through.  If you’re struggling to know how to style yourself, though, keep reading for some easy to implement advice.

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1. Remember That Your Clothing Needs to be Functional

Whether you are working in boiler rooms inspecting HVAC equipment like these HVAC engineers, or you spend your days performing landscaping, it’s wise to keep in mind that your clothing needs to be functional and practical for the job you are performing.  If you need specific items of safety equipment, such as steel capped toes or a high visibility jacket, these are not things that you should avoid wearing in order to project a more stylish look.  Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t options available to you.  Boots, for example, can be found in a variety of different colors and styles, yet still provide the protection that you need.


2. Find Clothing That Fits

A lot of blue-collar workers didn’t consider wearing fitted clothing in the past, and this often led to them wearing shirts and pants that were far too big for them.  However, even if you have to wear a uniform, finding items that fit you can do a lot for your appearance.  Clothing that is comfortable but well-fitted well help to show off your physical, manly physique.  It will also make it easier to move around and perform tasks.  Loose, unfitted clothing is also a safety hazard and the last thing you want is for the cuffs of an oversized shirt to get caught in the machinery that you’re using.  Whether it’s a pair of jeans or black pants, a polo shirt or a traditional shirt, make sure to have it properly measured and designed to your physique.


3. Wash Your Clothes Daily

As a blue-collar worker, your work clothes are going to become dirtier than most by the end of the work day.  To give a good impression, it’s important to ensure you put on a new set of clean clothes at the start of every day.  To minimize the amount of cleaning you have to do, it’s wise to look into protective items that you can wear over your clothes.  This may mean protective overalls, or a protective apron.  There’s a clear difference between a man who gets dirty during the course of his working day and a man who doesn’t take care of his appearance.  You want to be the former.

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Top Men’s Designer Brands

Top Men’s Designer Brands

Some brands are viewed as better than others. In the same way that some cars or jewellery are viewed as ‘designer’, so too is clothing. It is a term that is often abused and overused but should represent exceptional craftsmanship, quality and high-end aesthetics. Here are some of the most sought-after designer brands of today:


The brains behind this brand are twins Dan and Dean Caten from Canada. Their collections strike a balance between tough and respecting heritage with bright and bold patterns and urban twists on formal, polished looks. Some of their most popular items include their range of diverse jeans and quality leather trainers.


A U.S heritage brand, Farah have been producing the finest quality menswear since the 1920s. What began as a production of denims, overalls and workwear soon expanded to classic tailoring and stylish designs that hit it big in 1970s England. For Farah Shirts, visit

Dolce & Gabbana

This Italian duo remain as one of the top fashion designers of the world offering some of the most iconic menswear collections. Their monogram brand stamp is a global mark of luxury, found on chic and sophisticated clothes and accessories. The D&G suits are cut to perfection and beautifully finished for looking great whether at work or play.

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Louis Vuitton

Symbolising French luxury, it’s not just handbags that this fashion house is known for. The brand began life as a maker of trunks in the 1800s but now offer a vast range including posh tailoring and accessories. As the brand evolves, they are able to offer luxury trainers and streetwear for the younger generation but also elegant gents wear.


For more than a century, Prada has been dressing Italian royalty and some of the most iconic celebrities on red carpets. As well as stunning suiting, Prada offers a luxury athleisure range, combining casual with effortless elegance.

Giorgio Armani

One of the most respected Italian designers of all time, Armani became famous for his impeccable tailoring. Combining a happy marriage of skilled craftsmanship and the very best materials, his legacy is one of high class and sophistication.


A top British brand that claims to have invented the trench coat, they are also one of Britain’s biggest fashion exports. The Burberry plaid is instantly recognisable, combining traditional British gent style with modern mixes of graphic prints, tech-wools, and even lace!

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Calvin Klein

So much more than desirable underwear, this American brand has grown with its lines of fragrances and fashion to become one of the most instantly recognisable brands in the world. The main fashion theme is utilitarian with a dash of sportiness. Try the brand for its jeans, suiting and top knits.  #17

Ralph Lauren

Another all-American outfit who gave the world the polo shirt. The global appeal of this brand began in the 1960s and ever since they have offered smart casual wardrobe essentials with great neutral tones and timelessly classic fitting. Whether you need chinos, polo shirts, … Read More..

Men’s Streetwear Brands to Try this Summer

Men’s Streetwear Brands to Try this Summer


Luxury streetwear fashion isn’t the first choice for everyone, the idea of spending over £100 on a plain t-shirt can seem crazy. However, streetwear can still be your chosen style without the price tag, streetwear is both a style and attitude toward clothing, wanting to wear a what would usually be seen as a relaxed style more intentionally. Here’s a look at brands that are offering streetwear for a reasonable price without compromising their quality.


Jameson Carter

A streetwear brand offering a collection of caps, jeans and tracksuits with their signature JC logo on them. The brand has become a sensation and has hit the high street with a vast range of summer essentials, so whether you need a pair of swim shorts or branded jumpers, Jameson Carter has it covered.


Fresh Ego Kid

Making a massive statement with the scribble text and unique name, The Fresh Ego Kid is easily recognisable. The range has grown from a collection of new era hats to large graphic tops can an assortment s of colours. The brand offers a fair price for the label, and the detail gone into the products designs is arguably much more noticeable than the luxury labels charging at least double the price.


Nuevo Club

A brand that looks to embrace the summer all year round. Nuevo Club a relaxed style of clothing that has a fitted design to show its premium edge compared to other brands. The brand offers a lot of variations in colours with pink, yellow and stone standing out when looking at other brands. Nuevo’s design is also a scribbled signature on the clothing, but it’s much harder to spot when compared to the previously mentioned streetwear influences, which might make you think this is a subtler brand for the incognito wearer.


Il Sarto

Il Sarto is the perfect blend between sports luxe and streetwear. The retro track tops are currently a fan favourite, and its unique details on each piece will make you wonder why it’s not categorised with some of the more luxury designers. The brand switches its branding between bold defining print and a signature style to give their customer a variation when they want to invest more in the designers clothing. A complete variety of tracksuits, shorts and caps can be picked from, and it’s a perfect brand to wear in the summer.


All these designers ranges vary from £20 to £80 RRP, which is at least half of the price you can spend on other brand and struggle to commit to a purchase. If you’re still unsure of what style you’re looking for and whether you think a mens full tracksuit is something you could wear daily, trying of one of these brands is worthwhile before you invest in some of the more luxury brands.

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What To Pack For Your Winter Getaway

What To Pack For Your Winter Getaway


When winter time comes about, many of us start thinking about a way to escape back into the sun. Though it’s an exciting time of year to get into the holiday spirit, sometimes you just can’t beat heading off to a sunnier climate. If you are jetting off, here’s a guide on what to pack for your winter getaway:


Where Are You Headed?

You may be living it up in a luxury all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, or perhaps you’ve opted for a comfortable Mediterranean cruise – either way, you need to make sure you’ve got everything you need. Be sure to look ahead at the predicted weather, keeping an eye on it in the coming weeks as you get closer to leaving. This will give you a better idea of what you need to bring, and what you can leave at home.



Even if your journey is short, you’ll still be grateful some in-flight entertainment to keep you amused. Pack a couple of books and magazines from the airport, these will also be great for reading when relaxing poolside or in your hotel room. Alternatively, if you really need to save on space, then you can download a news app or bring your tablet for a range of books on the go.


Key Outfit Choices

When it comes to your outfit choices, less is more. Particularly when you know that half of the time you’ll just be lounging around in your swimwear. Bring a few key pieces that you’re able to mix and match while you’re away. For the daytime, pack a few t-shirts, shorts and skirts that you can swap around to create new outfits each day. You should also bring some comfy womens sleepwear for the nights where the temperature may start to drop.

When it comes to evening attire, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. It is a must, perfect to dress down for daytime but also ideal for the night after you add a few glamourous accessories. A go-to for any trip. Wear it over your designer lingerie for a sexy, sophisticated look.


Making The Memories Last

You could go high-tech and capture all your finest moments with a digital zoom lens that’s easily attachable to your smartphone camera. This will help you take better quality pictures to remember the amazing trip. Alternatively, why not go old-school style with a polaroid for instant print outs? Or for a twist keep the pictures a surprise with a disposable camera, only to be unveiled once you’ve had them printed!… Read More..

Top Tips for a Warm Weekend Away

Top Tips for a Warm Weekend Away

With winter on fast approach, a lot of people tend to look at holidays abroad to get some last-minute sun. If you’ve booked something last minute and are planning a weekend away, there are some essentials to consider to make the trip much more enjoyable.




Whether you’re going on a beach holiday or a city break, taking away your best luxury swimwear is always a good idea. You might find the hotel has a pool area available or you might find a hidden beach. It’s worth having something in your suitcase for every situation.


Travel Card

A modern-day traveller’s cheque, with last minute holidays you might find yourself taking too much or too little foreign currency, and a travel debit card avoids this. You can simply move money from your current account to the travel card and use it on a daily basis as you would your personal card in your homeland. Withdraw cash, pay on card and keep your funds safe to save the hassle of carrying large sums around daily. You’ll also find with some of the bigger companies, that the exchange rate is much better.


Travel Insurance

Some might think that a shorter holiday doesn’t warrant the need for insurance, this isn’t the case. The most critical times where travel insurances would be needed stay the same, if your hotel room is robbed, baggage is lost at the airport or if you needed medical assistance, you travel insurance will either support you on holiday or reimburse you when you arrive home, the prices of the insurance tends to be very low, which means it isn’t worth the risk of passing on it!


Read Up!

If you’re only visiting a city for three days, it’s worth reading up on what you want to do while exploring. It can end up a slight panic if you decide just to wander out an hope to see everything in your time, making a small plan and assuring yourself that you aren’t wasting time going back on yourself can make the trip much better.


Whether is warm or cold, these tips will help you have a much more enjoyable and safer holiday, and the best advice to remember is planning ahead even if it is the day before, the majority of these things can be implemented, even if it means heading to the shops last minute for some designer beachwear.

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