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Budget Friendly Gift Ideas For Someone Leaving Work!

Budget Friendly Gift Ideas For Someone Leaving Work!

If someone is leaving work, you need to get a gift and you don’t want to spend a fortune, then you’re in the right place! We’re here with budget friendly gift ideas for someone leaving work, whether you’re looking for rude gifts that are a bit tongue in cheek or you want something a bit more meaningful. These gifts are simple but really effective, to give the person leaving the send off they truly deserve!

A Framed Photo

First up, if you have a photo of you together as a team and everyone gets on well, then getting a framed photo is a great idea. It will be a memory for them to keep and it shows you’ve put some thought into the gift. Of course, if there are people the person you’re buying for doesn’t get on with very well, they might not fully appreciate a framed photo of them, so this is definitely one where you need to read the room! However, if the person is leaving on great terms and loves the team, then this is a great option.

A Personalised Candle

Everyone loves a candle, and making it personalised just adds that extra special touch to their gift. There are so many options when it comes to personalised candles, whether you want to keep it simple with a goodbye message, put an inside joke on there or go for something rude or funny, you have plenty of different options to go with. This is something you know they’ll get used to, it doesn’t cost a fortune and overall it’s a good go-to no matter how close you are to the person who is leaving.

Organise A Meal

If you really get on as a team, rather than everyone getting a present, why not organise a meal as a bit of a goodbye for the person? It doesn’t need to be anywhere expensive, but it’s more about everyone coming together and spending some time with one another before the person leaves. Most people would appreciate this more than a few different random gifts if they get on really well with everyone, so consider this. It may take a bit of planning and preparation, however it’ll be worth it!

A Hamper

If you know quite a few different bits and pieces that the person likes, then a hamper is a good way to go! Get a little basket and fill it with some of their favourite things, whether it’s their favourite chocolate, a little bottle of wine, some fluffy socks and a facemask for a night in or anything else, showing you’ve put thought into the gift with lots of bits and pieces they love will be really special. Again, you can spend as much or as little as you want on this, but it just shows you’ve gone to the effort to think about what the person likes and enjoys to create a meaningful present for when they leave.… Read More..

Best Loungewear Clothes To Wear For Women In 2022

Best Loungewear Clothes To Wear For Women In 2022


Loungewear is the perfect outfit for women to wear on lazy Sundays. Furthermore, it isn’t just a trend as these clothes have been around for several years. Not only are these outfits great for chill Sundays but they also make a great outfit for days when you are working from home.


You must have comfortable clothes for those work-from-home days. Whether it is a pair of gym leggings or an oversized hoodie. We will take you through all of the clothes you can wear for loungewear in 2022.

T-Shirt and Long-Sleeve Tops

Loungewear tops are a must-have for the summer months. Furthermore, they can be a great alternative to your pyjama top if they are made out of cotton. Depending on how warm it is in the evening, you can also wear an oversized tee instead of a long-sleeve top. Wear whatever colours you want as well as these are not to impress anyone.


If you are looking to wear loungewear during the day, we would recommend that you wear gym crop tops. These materials are comfortable and very supportive as they are supposed to be worn when working out.

Loungewear Sets and Jumpsuits

Loungewear sets are another essential piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe. Furthermore, these loungewear sets look cute, making getting dressed for your Sundays super easy. There are many companies that design two-piece loungewear sets so make sure you browse the internet thoroughly to find the best set for you.

Jogger Bottoms and Leggings

If you don’t own a pair of jogging bottoms already, you are not wearing loungewear correctly. Additionally, these can be worn in the winter and summer months, depending on the top that you are wearing with them. Cuffed joggers with a relaxed fit seem to be the go-to for this comfy style.


If you wish to wear something that is a thinner material, we would advise that you buy a pair of gym leggings. Again, these are designed for a workout but due to the comfort and supportiveness, they make a great addition to your loungewear wardrobe.



Shorts are a must-buy for the summer months. Furthermore, you can find some fantastic shorts to wear in a twin set with an oversized hoodie or t-shirt. Either loungewear shorts or biker shorts would be a good choice. Athleisure shorts are perfect for loungewear so ensure you browse online to find the perfect pair for you. Don’t forget, athleisure shorts don’t need to be worn at home and they are suitable for the gym as well.

To Conclude

As you can see, there are many items to wear for loungewear but some are only suitable for certain seasons. For example, you are not going to wear biker shorts during the winter because it will be too cold unless you are going to the gym. Furthermore, if you need clothes for the winter, wear hoodies and joggers in the winter months and for those extra cold days, … Read More..

How To Make The Most Of Your Wardrobe Space

How To Make The Most Of Your Wardrobe Space

If you are one of those people with a small bedroom, you are probably looking for ways to make the most of your space in your room. Surprisingly, there are many ways you can do this however, we are going to start with your wardrobe. You will be amazed at the things you can do and buy for your wardrobe to make the most of your space.


Throw Away Clothes You No Longer Wear

It is time to throw away those clothes at the bottom of your wardrobe. If you can guarantee that you won’t wear it again, why are you keeping it? Pack it in a bag and take it to the charity so somebody else can make the most of it instead. Moreover, if the clothes are still in condition, you can sell them on the internet.

Selling clothes has become popular due to Depop however, it has been a thing for many years. eBay has allowed many people to sell items, not just clothing, and the Facebook marketplace has been around for several years. These are all great platforms for selling any unwanted clothes that you have in your wardrobe.

Don’t get into the habit of throwing clothes straight in the bin. There are people out there that will be happy with your clothes. Selling them or taking them to a charity shop is a way of living a sustainable lifestyle as well.


Don’t Neglect Floor Space

Floor space is something that a lot of people will leave empty. There are plenty of ways to make use of space as well. Usually, the bottom of a wardrobe is the home for your unwanted clothes but now, you have created space for your wanted clothes.

Once you can see the bottom of your wardrobe, you should place a shoe rack here to make the most of your space. Stop wasting wardrobe space on clothes you no longer want and treat your shoes with respect.


Use The Upper Shelf

Again, this is another area people will use for their unwanted clothes if they don’t have floor space in their wardrobe. Now that you have thrown away those clothes or sold them, you can make use of this spot.

We would advise you to put all of your clothes up there that do not require a hanger. Place all of your folded clothes at the top of the wardrobe. Tracksuits, hoodies, joggers. Anything that doesn’t require a hanger needs to be placed there.

If those clothes are already stored somewhere in your wardrobe then place your shoes up there. Just make sure you make the most of this space as it can be used for literally anything.


Make Use Of The Doors

Finally, the doors of your wardrobe should be used for storage. There are many things you can buy that can hang off your door to store your clothes. All you need to do is hang it over the top of your wardrobe. A … Read More..