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6 Gift Ideas That Will Last Her a Lifetime

6 Gift Ideas That Will Last Her a Lifetime

Looking for the perfect gift for your partner can be tough at times, especially if you want to surprise them. A gift they haven’t hinted or asked for always makes for a better present, as it shows much more thought has gone into getting them something unexpected, it’s just finding something good that is the hard bit. Here’s a look at five gift ideas that will not only put a smile on her face, but they’ll also be able to keep it for a lifetime.

Framed Picture with a Twist

A simple idea you can put a thoughtful twist on. Framing a picture you know your partner loves is always going to be appreciated, and adding a new twist to the idea is the cherry on top. There is a complete range of artists that can change your favourite picture into a hand-drawn piece of art. The creativity that comes with something hand drew makes the gift cherished as it adds value onto an image that could be easily stored on a phone or computer, have a look into it she’ll love the end result.


Vintage Tea Set

Assuming your partner is a fan of hot drinks, buying them a vintage tea set is a gift that can enjoy for many years. It can serve a purpose daily, and it’s a gift they likely won’t be expecting. A tea set works as a perfect gift for a variety of occasions, and the handcrafted designs show a noticeable sign of luxurious creativity.


Film Camera


Continue with the vintage trend, it’s safe to say everyone loves taking pictures, and the ease there is to do so. If you’ve got a holiday coming up or your partner is the outdoors and adventurous type, a retro camera is a perfect gift to make her picture taking into a passionate hobby. You could opt in and buy a digital camera instead, but a film camera has a better photographer feeling to it and makes for a more thoughtful gift. Plus, film cameras and brands such as Leica are renowned for being robust and lasting decades, worth thinking about if you do want a gift that lasts a lifetime.


Vinyl Player

A lot of people may not know this, but vinyl’s are still manufactured and buying your loved one a luxury vinyl player will really encourage her love for music to spark. A vinyl player works as both a music box and a piece of vintage decor for a living space, vinyl’s are also arguably the best way to listen to music, and giving your partner the chance to experience this is a perfect gives she’ll remember. It’s unique, thoughtful (depending on her taste in music) and record players are one of the only forms of older audio technology to make it through the different ages.


A Designer Belt

Ladies designer belts don’t have to be a risky fashion gift, a stylish belt can be a simple premium design. As … Read More..