3 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts For Her That Will Last Forever!

3 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts For Her That Will Last Forever!

When we’re buying a gift for someone we love, whilst having experiences together can be a wonderful way to celebrate, sometimes you’ll also likely want to choose something they can keep and appreciate forever. That’s where we come in! From cute flat back earrings through to a thoughtful photobook, we’re here with three really different ideas, to suit all different budgets, that will mean the world to the person you’re buying for.

Solid Gold or Sterling Silver Jewellery

If you have a bit more of a budget and you want something that the person will wear and love for a lifetime, then get some solid gold or sterling silver jewellery. If you know them really well, you can get them something really personalised, like tragus earrings or flat back earrings to suit their piercings. Perhaps you know they have quite a funky style so could go down that route. If you’re not as confident, stick to simple solid gold and sterling silver jewellery that they will keep forever, as well as stack with other pieces for endless combinations. Safe choices are things like bracelets, necklaces or lobe earrings, as they can be worn by anyone (as long as they have piercings!), or if you know their ring size, you could go down that route as well. Birthstone jewellery is a stunning option too if you’re spoilt for choice.

A Photobook

Next up, you could create a photo book. Print off photos of all your favourite memories together and put them together in a photo book, whether you get a plain book and stick everything in, or you get one with slots for the photos. We personally really like the plain book option, as you can also write little notes next to the photos about the memories, such as little inside jokes, dates or place names. Then, you could leave some space in the book if there is any to add more photos of future memories together! This can cost as little as £10, so is definitely worth doing as it can really show the person how much you care.

Flowers In Resin

Lastly, we have flowers in resin. Start by buying a bouquet of their favourite flowers, then write a note with the flowers to say that when they’re starting to dry, that they’re getting sent off to be put into resin. They will be able to appreciate the fresh flowers, then they get to keep their favourites forever on display! You can press flowers at home and put them into resin, however it can be kind of difficult, so if you’re not confident or big on DIY, it would be worth finding someone local to help you out. This is a really unique gift that your loved one will surely appreciate. If you also wanted to just get the flowers in resin, you can find providers of this on Etsy, however the extra step of the person actually having the flowers is a lovely addition.

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