Budget Friendly Gift Ideas For Someone Leaving Work!

Budget Friendly Gift Ideas For Someone Leaving Work!

If someone is leaving work, you need to get a gift and you don’t want to spend a fortune, then you’re in the right place! We’re here with budget friendly gift ideas for someone leaving work, whether you’re looking for rude gifts that are a bit tongue in cheek or you want something a bit more meaningful. These gifts are simple but really effective, to give the person leaving the send off they truly deserve!

A Framed Photo

First up, if you have a photo of you together as a team and everyone gets on well, then getting a framed photo is a great idea. It will be a memory for them to keep and it shows you’ve put some thought into the gift. Of course, if there are people the person you’re buying for doesn’t get on with very well, they might not fully appreciate a framed photo of them, so this is definitely one where you need to read the room! However, if the person is leaving on great terms and loves the team, then this is a great option.

A Personalised Candle

Everyone loves a candle, and making it personalised just adds that extra special touch to their gift. There are so many options when it comes to personalised candles, whether you want to keep it simple with a goodbye message, put an inside joke on there or go for something rude or funny, you have plenty of different options to go with. This is something you know they’ll get used to, it doesn’t cost a fortune and overall it’s a good go-to no matter how close you are to the person who is leaving.

Organise A Meal

If you really get on as a team, rather than everyone getting a present, why not organise a meal as a bit of a goodbye for the person? It doesn’t need to be anywhere expensive, but it’s more about everyone coming together and spending some time with one another before the person leaves. Most people would appreciate this more than a few different random gifts if they get on really well with everyone, so consider this. It may take a bit of planning and preparation, however it’ll be worth it!

A Hamper

If you know quite a few different bits and pieces that the person likes, then a hamper is a good way to go! Get a little basket and fill it with some of their favourite things, whether it’s their favourite chocolate, a little bottle of wine, some fluffy socks and a facemask for a night in or anything else, showing you’ve put thought into the gift with lots of bits and pieces they love will be really special. Again, you can spend as much or as little as you want on this, but it just shows you’ve gone to the effort to think about what the person likes and enjoys to create a meaningful present for when they leave.

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