Homeware Trends For Spring 2023

Homeware Trends For Spring 2023

Thinking of giving your home a makeover as well as a spring clean in 2023? There are many new homeware trends that are massive right now, and some of these may be the perfect way to spruce up your home and make you feel happier in your living space. Here are all the best homeware trends for Spring 2023 that you can easily incorporate into your living spaces today.

Follow Colour Trends

Mixing vivid and soft colours together seems to be the overarching colour theme of Spring 2023. Many people are choosing to mix hot pinks and vivid purple accessories with cream or white interiors in order to create a vibrant but comforting space. Jewel and earthy tones are also incredibly popular right now. If you want to spruce up the colour themes of your home but you’re on a budget, why not buy a lively jewel-toned duvet cover set? This can improve the look of your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Going Green

Plants and flora are one of the top trending interior design choices right now. The natural world has taken its claim over the home, and one of the best ways to keep your home in date with current trends is to get some flowers and plants to decorate your living spaces. This is also a great idea if you want to make your home feel more fresh and vibrant during spring, and can make you feel a lot happier. Now winter is over, embrace the natural world and the return of spring by getting some plants for your home and living spaces.

Open Plan Spaces

In Spring 2023, interior design is taking the ‘less is more’ mantra to new heights. There is a definite move from cabinets and closed storage spaces to open shelving. This is because it makes the home look more spacious and welcoming. Floating shelves and open cabinets are set to become the biggest trends in storage for the home at the moment. Racks and poles are also an inventive and interesting way to hang your wares, especially in the kitchen. This makes the room look more open and interesting to look at. Definitely be on the lookout for open plan spaces in 2023.

Textured Accessories

Textured home accessories are set to be a massive trend in Spring 2023. But what does this mean? Well, homeware with a mix of patterns and textures (such as printed fluted vases) could be considered to be ‘textured accessories.’ Interested in mix pattern homeware with wacky designs is very popular at the moment. Fluted wine glasses and vases are becoming some of the most purchased items. Definitely consider adding some textured accessories into your homeware to keep up with current trends.

Organic Lighting

Our homes are our sanctuary, and are meant to be as cosy and relaxing as possible. However, people have come to realise that artificial lighting can make us feel on edge and alert, which can impact relaxation and sleep. Natural light has become a massive trend, and by incorporating more opportunities for natural lighting to enter your home, you could also be improving your mental health. By organising your home so more natural light filters in and investing in see through net curtains, you can increase the amount of natural light that comes in your home.

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