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4 Ideas for Furnishing Your New Home

4 Ideas for Furnishing Your New Home


Lighting can be altered to fit any atmosphere mood or occasion, different rooms would require different amounts of light for example, bright kitchens and bathrooms for sanitary reasons and so it looks clean.

On the other hand, I would recommend, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms to have dimmer switches, therefore you can alter the lighting depending on the atmosphere. The light would be dimmer in the evening to replicate a cosy and intimate mood and the dining room would be bright for lunch and breakfast hours.

But you can also add some colour to rooms with luxury bar stools, sofas and other accessories, natural light can come from all kinds of places!


You need to choose your wallpaper carefully to match your house. This all depends on the atmosphere you are trying to portray, for bedrooms or dining rooms a dark opulence can look nice with dark wood and a golden light, it can make you feel relaxed, intimate and romantic.

If your afraid of it looking too dark then you could pick a light metallic wallpaper or patterned wallpaper as a feature wall with a light main colour and if you use a particular room such as your kitchen for day to day activities then bright walls and maybe a feature wall often looks nice. Try not to play it safe with all white, it can often look clinical, keep it colourful.

Also think practicality especially with children wipeable wallpaper or the use of tiles is super efficient but also effective.


Curtains and Runners

Colourful curtains and patterned runners can really help revamp a plain room, if you want to keep the room minimalistic and whenever you fancy a change it’s cheap and easy to change the curtains and runners. Much cheaper than re-decorating the whole room.


Oversized Art

Oversized art can come in all shapes and sizes, all of which are very different and can be suited to match designer furniture. I would aim to put the art at eye-level so people can see it when they are sitting.

Oversized art can be found everywhere including charity shops, therefore it doesn’t have to cost you lots of money to be effective, it can really add character to a room.


Personal touches.

To finish off furnishing your home, as well as using some original furniture, add pictures of family or friends around the rooms so it seems more like a home than a showroom. Don’t just copy pictures off the internet, see if you can add some of your own personal touches and what you like to make it seem more cosy and realistic.… Read More..

4 Ways You Can Pull Off Bohemian Decor

4 Ways You Can Pull Off Bohemian Decor

Boho or bohemian decor is for those people who want their homes to be full of culture, life and interest. This aesthetic comes with the ability to laugh in the face of modern decor sensibilities and instead embraces relaxation and the unusual. Whilst boho rooms tend to use certain similarities in the way that they share features are almost always eclectic, no two rooms are ever the same. If you are looking at implementing a style in your home which you can make your own, then the bohemian style of decor may well be for you.


Bohemian Colours

There are certainly no rules when it comes to boho decor, but warm, earthy colours are the most common, as are jewel and metallic tones. Think greens, deep browns and grey for the base colours and oranges, saturated purples and bright blues for accessories. The combination of colours is what makes this style truly unique. Feel free to mix textures and patterns you wouldn’t usually and don’t be afraid to use styles which wouldn’t usually go together.


Decorative Materials

Very much the opposite of modern and sleek, bohemian decor tends to embrace the “more is more” approach. The key when it comes to using decorative materials in a bohemian room is to not be afraid of mixing and matching. Using natural and basic materials, such as sisal and burlap can be matched with more extravagant materials such as chenille and silk. The materials can always have a slightly worn look, but not damaged and not shiny and new. Fringe,  macramé and crochet curtains, pillows and throws, when combined, make a cosy and boho-inspired space.


Bohemian Furniture

Usually, you wouldn’t be able to find bohemian furniture in a store. Boho rooms tend to have furniture pieces in which have been collected over a period of time and don’t usually match, so vintage and second-hand pieces are the perfect fit. Each piece of furniture should have its own story, so enjoy taking time exploring local vintage and second-hand stores for your furniture pieces.


Both you and your guest should be enveloped in the boho vibe, so creating a welcoming atmosphere is crucial. As a bohemian room should have a “stay awhile” feel, you should create a great seating arrangement – streamlined and straight-backed chairs don’t really fit in with this vibe. Choose comfortable and unique styles and pieces, such as butterfly chairs, wicker furniture, chaise lounges and cane chairs.


Lighting Choices

Understated and ambient lighting will not only unify your bohemian room, but also complete the welcoming and calm feel you want to achieve. Rather than using overhead light fixtures, use candles, lanterns and lamps to make it more cost and welcoming. Designs today make it far easier to find a variety of styles and shapes, making it perfect for creating the mix and match look… Read More..

Video Award Shows

Video Award Shows


Video award shows are events organized by a team of people in order to accredit good videos. The video awards are the most popular awards mostly for celebrities who are really trying to make fame with their products. Most of these people have been in the industry for long while some might be new. These awards will promote their product to a higher level and also give them prestige.

Over there years there have been many events organized to present the video awards and it is still happening till date. Through these awards, many people have been come rich through endorsements, advertisements and many deals from various companies because they have been recognized through these awards. Through these award ceremonies, some websites have been crowned with best website awards because of the faces trending on their websites are faces recognized as the best when it comes to video shoots. There are also awarding event like website design awards which are given to the website developers.

In the video award event, there are many categories that are qualified for this award, such as the best video performance, the best decorating video shoot, the best video producer, the best choreography video and so on. All those categories will be screened and assessed based on the nominees who submit their videos for the award. It is just like a dinner party where everyone will meet each other and cheer for each other. This event is such a lively event where we can catch fun and meet new friends.

Some popular events of these awards are the Grammy awards, MTV award, BET awards and so on. The mentioned events are the most popular events in the world that people would not want to miss. There are programs like the red carpet which will capture the arrivals of everybody including the important celebrities that we watch on our T.V screen. It is just like a festival which is celebrated every year. Some will bag awards while some might not but everyone will be happy to be there. Through this event, some upcoming artiste will be given chances to showcase their talents and that might be the beginning of their rising stars. The award night will bring in so many surprises where people who might not be expecting to get the award might see through.

The Grammy award is the biggest award event in the world with no doubt. This event features everybody from the part of the world. This award is one of the oldest award events in the world that joins celebrities from every part of the world together. This features superstars like Jazzy, Beyonce, Kanye West, and so on. It is a big and memorable event.

The BET award is an event organized by the Black Entertainment Television network in order to celebrate the Black Americans and some American celebrities in the movie, music, sports, and others in the entertainment industry. The event is organized every year for all celebrities in the entertainment Read More..