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Top Men’s Designer Brands

Top Men’s Designer Brands

Some brands are viewed as better than others. In the same way that some cars or jewellery are viewed as ‘designer’, so too is clothing. It is a term that is often abused and overused but should represent exceptional craftsmanship, quality and high-end aesthetics. Here are some of the most sought-after designer brands of today:


The brains behind this brand are twins Dan and Dean Caten from Canada. Their collections strike a balance between tough and respecting heritage with bright and bold patterns and urban twists on formal, polished looks. Some of their most popular items include their range of diverse jeans and quality leather trainers.


A U.S heritage brand, Farah have been producing the finest quality menswear since the 1920s. What began as a production of denims, overalls and workwear soon expanded to classic tailoring and stylish designs that hit it big in 1970s England. For Farah Shirts, visit

Dolce & Gabbana

This Italian duo remain as one of the top fashion designers of the world offering some of the most iconic menswear collections. Their monogram brand stamp is a global mark of luxury, found on chic and sophisticated clothes and accessories. The D&G suits are cut to perfection and beautifully finished for looking great whether at work or play.

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Louis Vuitton

Symbolising French luxury, it’s not just handbags that this fashion house is known for. The brand began life as a maker of trunks in the 1800s but now offer a vast range including posh tailoring and accessories. As the brand evolves, they are able to offer luxury trainers and streetwear for the younger generation but also elegant gents wear.


For more than a century, Prada has been dressing Italian royalty and some of the most iconic celebrities on red carpets. As well as stunning suiting, Prada offers a luxury athleisure range, combining casual with effortless elegance.

Giorgio Armani

One of the most respected Italian designers of all time, Armani became famous for his impeccable tailoring. Combining a happy marriage of skilled craftsmanship and the very best materials, his legacy is one of high class and sophistication.


A top British brand that claims to have invented the trench coat, they are also one of Britain’s biggest fashion exports. The Burberry plaid is instantly recognisable, combining traditional British gent style with modern mixes of graphic prints, tech-wools, and even lace!

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Calvin Klein

So much more than desirable underwear, this American brand has grown with its lines of fragrances and fashion to become one of the most instantly recognisable brands in the world. The main fashion theme is utilitarian with a dash of sportiness. Try the brand for its jeans, suiting and top knits.  #17

Ralph Lauren

Another all-American outfit who gave the world the polo shirt. The global appeal of this brand began in the 1960s and ever since they have offered smart casual wardrobe essentials with great neutral tones and timelessly classic fitting. Whether you need chinos, polo shirts, … Read More..