Items of Children Clothing You Should Invest In

Items of Children Clothing You Should Invest In


When it comes to our children, many of us are not ashamed to admit that they are better dressed than us. Parents are more than happy to invest in clothing for their little ones but because children grow so quickly, often they only get a few wears of an item before it needs to be handed down or donated. Quality children’s clothing isn’t a cheap investment and often can leave us feeling out of pocket.

Because we want the best for our children, knowing what to spend a little more on is important, as it will last much longer. Whether you have a newborn or a 10-year-old, the same principle applies – they will likely grow out of it sooner than you hoped, but there are some items of clothing you should invest in for the long-term.



For babies and toddlers, bodysuits are a must-have. They can be worn as a complete outfit on warm days or used to layer up during the cold winter months. If you have a newborn, then you probably have piles of them in varying sizes, colours, patterns and designs but they will come in use as you keep up with your growing baby. It’s nice to choose a variety of designs and colours and ones which have different fastenings, such as an envelope-style neck.


Beanie Hats

There’s a reason why a hat is often put on top of a newborn’s head before a nappy or blanket. Children and babies get cold very easily and babies especially struggle to regulate their body temperature, meaning it can fluctuate rapidly during the course of the day. A beanie is a great thing to have on hand should you go into a chilly store or restaurant and are perfect for keeping children cosy and warm, no matter the weather outside.



Children sleep a lot and keeping them cosy and warm during the night or for nap times means you lessen the chance of them having a night of disturbed or disruptive sleep. When it comes to pyjamas, it’s easy to assume that you shouldn’t spend much money on them, after all, your children will only wear them for a few hours a night, but you should invest in good quality pyjamas. Soft material, such as cotton, are important to have when it comes to pyjamas as they are less likely to upset your children’s skin and will keep them comfortable both in summer and winter.


Occasion Wear

How often have you been invited to an event, only to worry about what your children will wear? The seasons have an effect on the style and design of childrenswear available at that time, for example, in the summer you’ll likely see short-sleeved shirts and bowties, whereas in winter you’ll find dark colours. You won’t always want to dress them in the style of the season as it may not be appropriate so you should invest in good quality and sized children’s  wear when you can that can be worn for all types of events. Girls designer dresses are good investments as they will be made of high quality, or if you want a more personal design, then look at girls boutique clothing stores.


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